Hello, Summer

Hello, Summer I did a bunch of cooking this weekend, but nothing that was really blog-worthy (more recipes soon, I promise!). What WAS totally blog-worthy were my favorite cold rice noodles from Yun Nan Flavor Garden! We went out for noodles after doing a long run on Sunday, and it was hugely satisfying to scarf … Continue reading Hello, Summer

Boston Weekend

We took the bus up to Boston for the weekend to visit Andrew’s sister, see our former professor Ran Blake and his cat DekTor Dutra, and have some favorite foods from our New England Conservatory days. It was a wonderful and full weekend! After a longer-than-expected bus ride from New York we were ready for … Continue reading Boston Weekend

Lisbon Eats

Lisbon Eats We’re in Portugal for the week to celebrate my birthday! The week started in Lisbon, and since Andrew and I had visited once before, I wanted this visit to be more about relaxing and eating than seeing the sights. We arrived at the Lisbon airport at 6am (what can I say, the cheapest … Continue reading Lisbon Eats

Sampling Santorini

Sampling Santorini In last week’s post, we were just leaving Crete via the Heraklion port, on our way to Santorini! Even if you’ve never been there, you’ve definitely seen the pictures—the iconic white cube houses clustered all up and down the cliffs. It really does look like that, and it’s even more beautiful in person! … Continue reading Sampling Santorini