Beet “Hummus”

In my continued quest to eat more colorful foods, I whipped up this vibrant beet “hummus” using a recipe from my new favorite cookbook, Bäco. I love serving it garnished with chive blossoms and purple daikon radish slices to really amp up the fuschia factor. This recipe is great as a snack, as one dish … Continue reading Beet “Hummus”

Boston Weekend

We took the bus up to Boston for the weekend to visit Andrew’s sister, see our former professor Ran Blake and his cat DekTor Dutra, and have some favorite foods from our New England Conservatory days. It was a wonderful and full weekend! After a longer-than-expected bus ride from New York we were ready for … Continue reading Boston Weekend

Ramp Butter

It’s feeling like a race to the finish lately, with my interior design class final project due soon, a bunch of work deadlines, rehearsals, concerts, and a trip to Boston planned for next weekend. Speaking of races, we also have the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon coming up in two weeks and I think I’ll actually … Continue reading Ramp Butter

Grilled Sausages & Pearl Onions with Red Cabbage & Pickled Mustard Seeds

I usually have a novel going at all times—it’s amazing how much reading you can get done when your commute is over an hour—but recently I’ve been taking a break from following a storyline and instead have been “reading” cookbooks instead. (No, I’m not lugging around massive hardbacks on the train; I check them out … Continue reading Grilled Sausages & Pearl Onions with Red Cabbage & Pickled Mustard Seeds