Oh, hi!

Well it looks like I’ve only posted twice in the past year?!? I’ve actually been cooking A LOT, but have gotten out of the habit of taking photos and writing down the recipes. I will work on that(!), but in the spirit of not overthinking things, I thought I’d start back in by sharing a … Continue reading Oh, hi!

Autumn in Boston

We’ve been living in Boston for a little over two months now, and while I still don’t feel completely settled in yet, I have been having fun trying new restaurants and exploring New England. Here are a few fun restaurants/destinations we’ve enjoyed so far! Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum This gorgeous museum is just as much … Continue reading Autumn in Boston

Hello, Summer

Hello, Summer I did a bunch of cooking this weekend, but nothing that was really blog-worthy (more recipes soon, I promise!). What WAS totally blog-worthy were my favorite cold rice noodles from Yun Nan Flavor Garden! We went out for noodles after doing a long run on Sunday, and it was hugely satisfying to scarf … Continue reading Hello, Summer