Spring Farro Salad

Spring Farro Salad, a.k.a. F@$*!&% Alliteration Salad (you know, because of the farro, favas, fiddleheads, and feta). I definitely cheated here as far as local seasonality goes, but it’s close, and I just so want it to be spring! The fiddleheads are actually in season, and the snap peas and favas soon will be. If … Continue reading Spring Farro Salad


When winter seems like it will never end, your steam heat isn’t trying hard enough and you just can’t get warm, and to top things off, you have a bunch of sad, stale bread lying around (ok, maybe this has just been my life recently . . .), it is time to make ribollita. Many of the ingredients … Continue reading Ribollita