Ramp Butter

It’s feeling like a race to the finish lately, with my interior design class final project due soon, a bunch of work deadlines, rehearsals, concerts, and a trip to Boston planned for next weekend. Speaking of races, we also have the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon coming up in two weeks and I think I’ll actually … Continue reading Ramp Butter

Spring Farro Salad

Spring Farro Salad, a.k.a. F@$*!&% Alliteration Salad (you know, because of the farro, favas, fiddleheads, and feta). I definitely cheated here as far as local seasonality goes, but it’s close, and I just so want it to be spring! The fiddleheads are actually in season, and the snap peas and favas soon will be. If … Continue reading Spring Farro Salad