Roasted Root Vegetables & Wild Rice with Spiced Coconut Broth

This warming bowl was a perfect comfort food for a week that was busy at work and more stressful than usual in the news. The recipe is adapted from Alice Hart’s wonderful cookbook Good Veg, which I very much recommend for its beautiful collection of vegetarian recipes, featuring lots and lots of fresh produce in … Continue reading Roasted Root Vegetables & Wild Rice with Spiced Coconut Broth

Black Bean Soup

This warming black bean soup was perfect for the week of crazy weather we’ve been experiencing in New York, including a nor’easter that I swear had rain falling diagonally in one direction and snow falling in the other direction! The black bean soup recipe comes from one of my absolute favorite cookbooks, Cold-Weather Cooking, which is full … Continue reading Black Bean Soup

Cream of Asparagus Soup

Did you know that you can buy a special pot just for cooking asparagus? Neither did I until just a minute ago, when I googled asparagus to find writing inspiration, since I’m feeling weirdly at a loss for words about this (delicious, tasty, simple—only five ingredients not counting the salt and pepper) soup! Perhaps it’s post–half-marathon brain … Continue reading Cream of Asparagus Soup